Custom Cover Letter: $50.00

With your input and experience, My Resume Genie can create a custom cover letter for a specific field or position that shows employers you are a viable candidate and will be a great addition to their organization and team.

Connect with My Resume Genie for questions you might have or clarifications for specific cover letter needs.

Tailored Resume/CV: $100.00

Did you know that employers spend 8 seconds or less looking at a resume? Grab and keep their attention with a Tailored Resume/CV by My Resume Genie that has an eye catching format and describes your work history, skills and experience in a detailed yet engaging manner.

My Resume Genie will work with you to create a resume for a specific field or position and help highlight your projects, achievements, or outcomes for a more relevant and well rounded resume.

Mock Interview / Interview Assistance: $100.00

First impressions are important and what employers see and hear from you will determine whether you move forward or not.

This 1 – 2 hour service from My Resume Genie is for everyone, whether you’re new to job searching, haven’t interviewed in a while or haven’t had luck in your previous interviews. In all, this service is a great asset for anyone who’s interested.

Learn tips and tricks on how to answer interview questions and get advice on your answers, including what is appropriate to wear for different kinds of interviews and professions. You’ll receive custom interview questions to fit the position and company you are applying for.

My Resume Genie will also provide preliminary research into the company and share relevant news and information to additionally help you in your interview.

It’s up to you if you’d like to speak with someone through Skype, over the phone, or in person. Please contact Admin to discuss details of this service.

Please contact My Resume Genie for information on time frames, your specific needs or other questions.